Case Study: Full-service Bioinformatics Department

For a small biotech company, Diamond Age served as a full-service bioinformatics department, including a head of computational biology and working directly with the VP of research to develop strategies for mechanism of action studies and design experiments.

The team met weekly to discuss and present results and functioned as a department within the company.

The company was provided with a full suite of support, including genomics, proteomics and dashboard building for, as the client said, “less than the cost of an FTE”.

“While CEO of Zafgen, we worked with Diamond Age to provide us with a full-service bioinformatics department at a fraction of the cost. It was perfect for our needs as a lean, biology-focused startup, and Diamond Age was able to help us gain new insights into the complex mechanism of action of our compounds. When I led Navitor, I reached out to Diamond Age again to help evaluate gene expression signatures of our lead molecules, which led directly to our plan for clinical markers of effect. They helped my team do what the CROs and off-the-shelf software can’t – custom analysis specific to our scientific needs, and interpretation of the results in the context of our biological space.  Throughout both programs we found Diamond Age to be a fantastic partner, contributing insights into experimental design and analysis of results leading to actionable insights.”

–Tom Hughes, CEO of Navitor, former CEO of Zafgen, Inc.