Diamond Age can provide strategic guidance on informatics and data analysis systems, serve as domain experts in bioinformatics and statistics, or function as “extra hands” to lift the workloads of busy bioinformatics teams.

Current services include:

  • statistical modeling and machine learning applications for therapeutics development
  • transcriptional profiling and/or pathway analysis
  • guidance on software engineering, informatics, data management, and knowledge architecture
  • statistical genetics and comparative sequence analysis

Composite client profiles

Small biotech. A client without an in-house bioinformatics department called Diamond Age looking for help interpreting several large-scale genomic datasets. Howe assessed the company’s needs and determined which ones she should address herself, which would require other specialists (whom she recruited and managed), and which could be addressed by in-house scientists she could educate. Subsequently, the company received related data from a contract research organization that it did not know how to interpret. Howe guided the company’s scientists in sifting out insights that could inform future wet-lab work.

Mid-size pharma. A client wanted to use single-cell RNA-seq to assess the effect of a drug candidate on several key tissues – but its in-house bioinformatics department did not have the expertise necessary to understand the results. Howe joined the team temporarily, first doing hands-on informatics work and building pipelines, then gradually teaching other team members the requisite techniques to continue the work after her departure.

Diamond Age tailors the consulting process carefully to match each customer’s needs. To learn more, get in touch.