Diamond Age Data Science helps fast-moving biotech and small pharmaceutical companies in the Boston area make the best use of their data by building robust informatics systems and analyzing complex biological datasets. Clients can take advantage of a wide range of services. For fledgling companies, Diamond Age can function as a one-stop bioinformatics department, helping to answer both scientific and strategic questions (e.g., how to precisely identify mechanisms of action, where and how to store large/complex datasets, build vs. buy). For more mature companies, Diamond Age provides targeted bioinformatics services designed to fit into existing scientific strategies, with special expertise in transcriptional profiling and pathway analysis.

Diamond Age is based in the Boston area and led by its founder, Eleanor Howe, a computational biologist with extensive experience in drug discovery and development.

“There’s a lot of hype in this field, but Eleanor is the real thing. Not only is she a stellar data scientist, she knows how to explain why and how results matter – a rare skill that is critical for collaborative, boundary-busting research.”

Mary Carmichael, the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard