We’re not a CRO or a staffing company — we’re your collaborators.

Our highly trained consultants, all of whom have advanced degrees in the life sciences, work with you to leverage new bioinformatics and statistics techniques that can help you leapfrog the competition. We don’t just hand you the results — we help you understand them. No matter what type of analysis you need, we guarantee:

Actionable insights, not just data. All of our analyses are rooted in a deep understanding of biology, diagnostics, and therapeutics. We generate real, meaningful results that you can use right away. We combine our deep scientific knowledge with engineering prowess and impeccable attention to detail. We work quickly, but never sacrifice quality. 

A faster innovation cycle. Data scientists, biologists, and therapeutics experts often speak different scientific “languages” — a challenge that can slow down product development. We act as translators and conveners, enabling collaboration and speeding up the process.

Bleeding-edge approaches. We don’t shy away from challenges — single-cell RNA-seq, RNA splicing analysis, advanced proteomics, statistical genetics at large scale — we seek them out. If we don’t already have someone on staff with the specific expertise you need, we’ll find that person for you. And if nobody has the expertise — if you’re working on a problem that no one knows how to tackle yet — we’ll help you develop an innovative solution.