Case study: Accelerating Drug Discovery

A drug discovery start-up was founded on their ability to therapeutically target proteins with a particular structural feature. They engaged Diamond Age to develop a target selection and prioritization system. Diamond Age’s team, senior scientists and engineers with expertise in genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and cloud engineering, collaborated closely with the client company’s internal scientists and academic advisors.

Together, they designed, and Diamond Age built, a platform that combined genetics and proteomics datasets with disease association data and protein structure predictions. Diamond Age scientists contributed their expertise in biology and the various omics technologies, plus technical knowledge of the nuts and bolts of data integration, data modeling and cloud/software engineering. The client company provided deep expertise in the biological impact of the structural features and the company’s therapeutic strategy. Diamond Age’s team integrated the public data with predictions of protein structure and presented it in one seamless dashboard that enabled the company’s scientists to search and prioritize the proteins for further target development.

One of the client’s two current drug programs was selected using this platform.