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Our current services include:

Advising and strategy

  • Review of CRO analysis for correctness and completeness
  • Review of poor or unexpected results to determine causes (e.g., was this a lab problem or an analysis problem?)
  • Experimental design review — making sure your experiment is adequately powered to yield the answers you need
  • Bioinformatics “concierge service” — comprehensive advising on experimental design, CRO selection, data analysis, software selection, etc.
  • Guidance on software engineering, informatics, data management, and knowledge architecture
  • Development of best practices for analyzing high-throughput data
  • Total bioinformatics department replacement

Therapeutics-focused functions

  • Biomarker development
  • Mechanism of action evaluation: proteomics, transcriptomics, and pathway analysis
  • Patient selection
  • New indication nominations

Hands-on data analysis

  • Statistical modeling and machine learning applications for therapeutics development
  • Transcriptional profiling and pathway analysis
  • Statistical genetics and comparative sequence analysis
  • Single-cell RNA-seq: cell type ID, rare population detection, perturbation analysis, development/trajectory analysis
  • Single dataset de novo analysis: proteomics, metabolomics, RNA-seq, ribosome profiling (Ribo-seq)
  • Computational chemistry: new target assessments using computational chemistry approaches and structure-based drug design methods

Engineering and infrastructure

  • Pipeline assessments and recommendations
  • Dashboard and web application builds 
  • Custom analysis pipeline builds
  • Production-grade hardening of first-draft analysis tools and systems

If you don’t see your needs represented here, let us know — we’re happy to develop custom solutions and services.

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