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Resume redaction benefits everyone (including me)

Recently, I had the opportunity to review a batch of applications for newly-opened positions at Diamond Age. These resumes were different – they were redacted, like top-secret government files. Names, institutions, and dates older than seven years were hidden, leaving only the essential information to guide my evaluation.

I was surprised at how much this changed my experience of reviewing the documents. It was … easier. Less information to process meant that I spent 15 minutes on the task and came out with confident decisions about which candidates to select for interviews. I was less drained than I usually am after these reviews.

Our decision to mask resumes initially stemmed from our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) goals. I was pleasantly surprised at how much the process benefited me personally as well. I highly recommend everyone try it out, both for your own sake and for that of fairness in hiring.

And hey, in case you hadn’t noticed, we’re hiring for multiple positions. I would love to see your (redacted) resume!

Apply: Senior Scientific Consultant

Apply: Business Development Manager

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