Thanksgiving 2018

It’s Thanksgiving Day, and I’d like to take a minute to say “Thank you” to the people who have made Diamond Age possible, starting with our customers. We’ll have a proper ‘Customers’ page up here soon enough, but in the meantime, thank you to Decibel Therapeutics, Voyager Therapeutics, 1CellBio, Aquinnah Pharmaceuticals, and Zafgen, Inc. As for the rest of you who will not be named, you know who you are, and we appreciate the trust you’ve placed in us.

Also, thank you Chris and Somdutta, who took the risk of throwing in with me by joining Diamond Age full-time this year. And thank you to Dave, Max, Nick, Mike, Zarko, Bruce and Chris for making the time to work with us. Diamond Age would not exist without you.

Happy Thanksgiving!